At the library

I grew up reading hand-me-downs or throwaways, books other people have decided to do away with. There was always a shelf full of books at home, but rarely if ever was there anything new, simply because we could not afford it. And even if we did, there was no dedicated bookshop in Kuantan at the … Continue reading At the library

Out of print

Our book, Postcards from the South, is officially out of print. The first run of 1,000 copies were gifted to the people we interviewed, dignitaries, scholarly institutions, and sold at bookstores nationwide. No one expected such a healthy demand, not even the publishers. The subject is relatively niche (railways, Malaysia, history, memory) and the technical … Continue reading Out of print

Lipis turntable

Some locomotives, especially older models, only have a single cab (driver’s seat) and therefore needs to be turned around when a train is scheduled to travel in the reverse direction. Different countries might use different systems to accomplish this. One of the simplest is to use a turntable where the locomotive is literally spun around … Continue reading Lipis turntable

Talk: Badan Warisan

The scope of this important talk covered the early history of Johore, and most importantly, presented new material on Sultan Abu Bakar's Wooden Railway. Thank you to Badan Warisan for hosting the talk, and to MHHC for organizing it. It was really nice to meet so many friends, both new and old. Photographs by Irene … Continue reading Talk: Badan Warisan